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HERDIN Record #: PCHRDPC940826 Submitted: 16 May 2007 Modified: 31 July 2012

Knowledge and practice on milk feeding among mothers of Pook Polaris: an urban poor community.

Cynthia Lazaro-Hipol

A study to determine the factors which affect knowledge and practice on breast feeding among mothers in an urban poor community was done using personal interview and pretested questionnaire. 69 mothers with 24 months old children were included who were divided into those breastfed (purely breastfed and mixed fed) and hthose who never breastfed (bottlefed). The children were divided into overnourished, normal and malnourished using the standard weight for age by the FNRI.

T test was used to determine significance of the difference of the mean score of the different epidemiological categories. Ch-square was utilized to find any association between the type of milkfeeding and the different epidemiological determinants as age, level of education, income, occupation, place of delivery, source of encouragements, knowledge in milkfeeding.

Results showed choice of method of milkfeeding was related only to the occupation of the mother revealing. Housewives preferring breastfeeding while fewer working mothers utilized this method. However, choice was not influenced by age, educational attainment, family income, and place of delivery. The parents of the subjects played an important role in choosing the method of milkfeeding. Knowledge was related to family income but was not influenced by age, educational attainment, occupation, previous experience or practice of breastfeeding. The study also showed mothers knowledge on milkfeeding is not related to the nutritional status of the child. Mothers breastfed because of its biochemical effects and for financial advantages.

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Journal Article, Original
The Filipino Family Physician
Publication Date
July-September 1985
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Philippine Council for Health Research and Development Library R-2207 Abstract Print Format
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