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HERDIN Record #: R07-USC-18091013232127 Submitted: 10 September 2018 Modified: 20 September 2018

In Vitro inhibition of human platelet aggregation of Wachichao (Orthosiphon aristatus Blume, 1858) leaf extract using giemsa microplate assay.

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This study dealt with the inhibition of human platelet aggregation of Wachichao (Orthosiphon aristatus Blume, 1858) Leaf Extract.          

           Methods of extraction were prepared by macerating the leaves of Wachichao O. aristatus Blume with ethyl acetate for 72 hours. Three different test solutions were used with a concentration of 1mg/ml, 2mg/ml, and 4mg/ml labeled as TSA, TSB and TSC, respectively. Normal Saline Solution was used as negative control. Aspirin USP with a concentration of 2mg/ml was used as the positive control. Giemsa Microplate Assay was used in the determination of the inhibition of human platelet aggregation. Three trials were conducted in triplicates.

            Out of the three test solutions, TSC with a concentration of 4mg/ml showed 1 is to 9 to inhibit human platelet aggregation as shown absence of gels using Giemsa Microplate Assay. The result of the wells in TSA (1mg/ml) showed 7 is to 9 and TSB (2mg/ml) showed 4 is to 9 to inhibit human platelet aggregation as shown in the absence of gels in Giemsa microplate assay.

         Thus, TSC having a concentration of 4mg/ml obtained from the leaf extracts of Wachichao (Orthosiphon aristatus Blume, 1858) showed to inhibit human platelet aggregation through the absence of gels in the Giemsa microplate assay. The researcher recommends testing the test groups using spectrophotometry for quantitative analysis. Furthermore, the researcher recommends comparing theresults of Giemsa Microplate Assay and conventional platelet aggregometry (light transmission aggregometry, turbidimetric aggregometry) that measures the in vitro response of platelets to various chemical agents that induce platelet functional responses. Another aspect recommended by the researcher is to compare in vitro study from in vivo.

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Thesis Degree
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March 2016
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University of San Carlos-Josef Baumgartner Learning Resource Center, Science and Technology Section T / M115s Fulltext Print Format
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