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HERDIN Record #: R07-USC-18081115481214 Submitted: 11 August 2018 Modified: 12 December 2018

Diuretic activity of the crude extract of Fern Drynaria quercifolia (Linn, 1841) rhizome on male and female albino rats.

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                This study dealt with the diuretic activity of the crude extract of Fern Drynaria quercifolia Linn in albino rats. The fresh rhizome of Fern Drynaria quercifolia were cut into small pieces and air dried. Maceration was used for extraction. The crude extract obtained from dried rhizome was tested for its diuretic activity. The preliminary Phytochemical screening of the crude extract was carried out to identify the various chemical constituents and found out that Fern Drynaria quercifolia contains alkaloids, reducing sugar, terpenes, saponnins, phenolic compounds and deoxysugar. The diuretic activity of Fern Drynaria quercifolia was evaluated by determination of increase in urine volume of the test animals after administration of the different treatments (2000mg/100ml, 1000mg/100ml and 500mg/100ml). The positive control that was used in the study was Furosemide 40mg which was dissolved in 100ml of normal saline solution while NSS was used as the negative control. The diuretic activity testing was done after the baseline urine determination utilizing the same 18 albino rats. During the diuretic activity testing, the rats were allowed to fast for 18 hours prior to administration of the different treatments. The urine was collected 24 hours after the administration of the treatments. Based on the results, the crude extract exhibited a dose dependent diuretic activity. The treatment at 2000mg/100ml displayed the highest activity which has a percent diuretic activity of 49.5%, dose of 1000mg/100ml and 500mg/100ml has a percent diuretic activity of 26.42% and 21.05%, respectively. The study was statistically treated with One-way ANOVA. The result shows that there was a significant difference among the three test solutions, implying that the Fern Drynaria quercifolia is not as effective as to the positive control. The presence of alkaloids, saponnins, and phenolic compounds were suspected to be the reason for its activity.

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Thesis Degree
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March 2013
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University of San Carlos-Josef Baumgartner Learning Resource Center, Science and Technology Section T / Au55ab Fulltext Print Format
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