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HERDIN Record #: R02-SPUP-1708151358289 Submitted: 15 August 2017 Modified: 15 August 2017

Anti-platelet activity of kutsay (allium tubers) aqueous leaf extract in sprague dawley rats (rattus norvegicus).

Princess Stephane G. Asuncion,
Angelmerk Jhon R. Balao,
Lizette G. Balisi,
Sarnia Diane Z. Casibang

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This study was conducted at the Cagayan Valley Herbal Processing Plant- philippine of tradition and alternative health care Bio-Assayrtment to determine the antiplatelate activity of kutsay(allium tubersum) on the blood of sprague dawley rats.on the other hand, phytochemical screening was done at st. paul university philippines science laboratory to determine the secondary metabilites of kutsay ( allium tubersum) which wa sproven to contain alkaloid, flavonoids, terpenoid, saponin, tannin, proteins, fats and lipids. statistical analysis using the two factor ANOVA and/r F-test and tukey post-hoc HSD testwith 5% marginof error also showed that thereis a significant defferences between the prothrombin time of the dosage 2.5mg/mL and 5mg/mL of the aqueous extractof the fresh leaves of kutsay (allium tubersum), the positive control (aspirin) and the negative control (destilled water). Among the prepared aqueous extract 2.5/mL has the greatest effective as compared to the negative control, distelledwater, but whcompared to the standard drug aspirin, prothrombin time and platelet count where lower than the utsay(allium tubersum) aqueous leaf extract due to hydrolysis from dilution with distilled water that caused the decreased effect.

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March 2015
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St.Paul University of the Philippines Tuguegarao TU 581.634 As93 2015 Abstract Print Format
1. Asuncion, Princess Stepahane G.. Anti-platelet activity of kutsay (allium tubersum) aqueous leaf extract in sprague dawley rats (rattus norvegicus. Tuguegarao City Cagayan. pages 58. (BS) St paul university philippines tuguegarao, 2015