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HERDIN Record #: R07-USC-13030814573426 Submitted: 08 March 2013 Modified: 03 September 2013

A structured psycho-emotional rehabilitative program for breast cancer survivors of Cebu Can Fight

Johanna Marie M. Daquil

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The breast is the most prominent characteristic of the female anatomy. It represents womanhood, femininity, nurturance, and motherhood. Since the breast is an icon of many things, it can be a difficult time for a woman who underwent breast surgery. Losing one or both breasts through mastectomy can create different effects on her sexuality and self-concept. The significance she gives to her breast and the loss of it may affect her in one way or another. For some, it can make them feel self-conscious and less confident while others may find the changes insignificant. It is important for a woman who had mastectomy to understand he own feelings and how they impact on her sexuality and self-concept.

In response to the potential needs of these breast cancer survivor, the researcher opted to design a structured psycho-emotional rehabilitative program. This program is a descriptive study that aims to assist these woman gain self-awareness thereby adapting to bodily change, enhancing their confidence & increasing their level of self-esteem, making them feel good with their selves, and gain communal support.

The DRACUP-BREU model was maximized as the research utilization paradigm. The participants were five breast cancer survivors of Cebu Can Fight wherein they were subjected to a one-day program. The group experienced the following set of activities: (a) relaxation technique, (b) warm up exercise, (c) self-awareness activity, (d) positive affirmation/self-talk activity, (e) dance therapy, and (f) team building activity. A closed ended questionnaire was used to evaluate the effectiveness of the structured program. Gathered data were tabulated and analyzed using the formula of Frequency Distribution and Cumulative Percent.

Results of the initial application if the study on the five participants have breed a positive outcome. The applicability of the proposed program was reinforced by the outcome of the evaluation tool created by the researcher. Based on assessment, the activities conducted were significant in aiding these breast cancer survivor in their road to recovery, empowerment, attaining high level of self-esteem and gaining emotional support.

Publication Type
Thesis Degree
Medical-Surgical Nursing
Publication Date
March 2008
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USC JB LRC (Filipiniana Section) T D239j Abstract Print Format