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HERDIN Record #: CAR-BGHMC-12121413490859 Submitted: 14 December 2012 Modified: 14 December 2012

Chronic asymptomatic foreign body aspiration.

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Setting: a tertiary level hospital
Patient: A 59 yr old male who admitted into our
institution due to flank pains with incidental
finding of a foreign body by a chest
The present condition was noted 1 week prior to admission when the patient complained of right flank pain. There was no associat4ed trauma, febrile episodes, and limitation of movement, loss of appetite, difficulty of breathing of cough. Patient was given pain medications which relieved his complaint. He was then brought to a general practitioner for consultation. Incidentally, a chest PA radiograph view was done revealing an opaque, circular metallic object, en face, mass at the C7-T1 area. A repeat radiography was done revealing a tracheobronchial metallic object, thus, the patient was admitted and was scheduled for "E" Rigid Esophagoscopy with foreign body extraction, however no foreign body was found. Thus, the patient was scheduled for "E" Bronchoscopy with possible foreign body extraction. Intraoperatively, a circular, rough, brownish material approximately 0.5 cm x 1.5 cm was lodged at cricopharyngeal to esophageal constriction. Referrals were made to other specialties during the patient's stay in the hospital. Postoperative course was uneventful and he was discharged improved after 4 hospital days.
Foreign body aspiration is uncommon, however in the mentally impaired population and proper and sufficient hisoty taking is compelled for its diagnosis in this group. A high index of suspicion is a must in this group. Standard radiographs are essential in the diagnosis of foreign body aspiration to avoid unnecessary procedures done in our patients. Absence of symptoms in our patient may mean that the foreign body might have been migrating along the airway, proven by the absence of granulation tissue, which may be present if the body has impacted in the airway.

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Research Report


Objective: To present a case of foreign body aspiration, its diagnostic dilemma and management

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