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HERDIN Record #: CAR-BGHMC-12101114011180 Submitted: 11 October 2012 Modified: 26 November 2012

Efficacy and safety of tranexamic acid in reducing blood loss after normal spontaneous delivery .

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Tranexamic acid significantly reduced blood loss from the delivery of the placenta up to two hours postpartum 169.88 ml in the study group as compared to 285.96 ml of the control (p-0.001). The hemoglobin and hematocrit levels slightly changed however no statistical difference noted. No complications or adverse drug reactions were reported.


Tranexamic acid reduced the amount of blood loss after placenta delivery up to two hour postpartum and can be used effectively and safely in women who delivered vaginally.

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Research Report


To study the safety and efficacy of Tranexamic acid in reducing blood loss after vaginal delivery.

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