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HERDIN Record #: PCHRD090308030909 Submitted: 04 September 2008 Modified: 13 March 2015

The bottom-up approach in research agenda setting: Lessons from the Philippine experience.

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Research agenda setting is an essential activity for any country's health research system. The activity provides a forum for the country's major stakeholders (public and private institutions and civil society) to lay down the country's priorities for health research and development activities in order to address pressing national health concerns (including those specified in the country's Millennium Development Goals). One of the approaches used in research agenda setting is the bottom-up approach. This approach ensures participatory and widespread consultations, grass roots and local level inputs and regards highly the value of multisectoral and multidisciplinary perspectives in agenda setting. Aware of the merits of such approach, the Philippine Council for Health Research and Development implemented a bottom-up approach in 1999 to serve as inputs in the national health research agenda of the incoming political administration. Five years later, this approach has been revisited to draw lessons from the exercise and to select insights that may be used in updating the health research agenda of the new Philippine National Health Research country initiative which was launched in 2003 and is currently in the early stages of implementation. This presentation revisits the bottom-up process of research agenda setting, its utility, the lessons learned and the challenges of using such an approach in the Philippine setting. The presentation is divided into several sections. The first describes the Philippine experience in using the bottom-up approach in setting the research agenda for the country by describing the strategies and hurdles of using such an approach in the development of a national research agenda. The second section discusses how the participants viewed the bottom-up approach based on their responses to mailed survey questionnaires. The third section focuses on a case illustration of how the research agenda (using the bottom-up approach) was implemented in the local setting. The presentation concludes in the fourth section with recommendations on how this approach can be further improved as a tool for priority setting. (Author)

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